We’re glad to announce that the website of Saratov Free Software Center is up and running. Here we’ll be publishing news about our plans and projects. Our Free Software Center is an non-profit organisation. This social and legal form suggests that anyone who wishes can join us. And anyone who is interested can not only join, but become a part of a formally structured community.

It is one thing to tell stories about how Free Software is cool, promising, interesting and high-tech. It is quite another matter to be able to formally act on behalf of a structured community. Offer our services, demonstrate our expertise, be responsible. This, of course, has its cost. Of course, this needs additional efforts. Of course, not every member of Free Software community of users and developers is ready and interested in being involved is such a formal social startup. Informal participation in the development of Free Software and open informational technologies is all right.

Although we’ve decided to try more formal way. In the world there’s Free Software Foundation. We’ve decided to build a structure of the same kind in Russia. With it’s own features, interests and priorities. We’d like to interact with other organization not as potential employees, but as an equal partner, which has its own interests coherent with, in particular, goals of Free Software development, and in a broader sense with goals of developing Open Informational Technologies.

  • What are our plans?
  • What are our short-term goals?

First and foremost, it’s informational and technological basis. We want to revive the interest to collective study of technologies, to support existing and create new technological communities, give them a reason and a place to self-organize. To achieve this, our team is working on our first project - the “Boring Place” hacker space.

Additional details will be published in subsequent news, and the most interested ones may address us personally.